Sunday, March 26, 2023

Le'La Designs Fashion show - 25th March 2023

 It was my pleasure to host this fashion show and our models were thoroughly professional showing off the designs of Mai Rosy of Le'La Designs. For our part Audace Modelling Agency were delighted to showcase these designs. 

First up was Aurora who led the Lingerie Category. 


Aurora is wearing an exciting set called "Feline" which is a complete outfit made for Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra and more. It comes with a very generous HUD giving a choice of 25 textures that are both plain and animal print. Here we see Aurora has chosen to wear the Leopard spots in a grey and black texture.

 "Feline" will captivate you with her intricate bodysuit that both teases and tantalizes. The gloves, stockings and shoes with matching textures add to the fantasy she creates, while the mask adds a hint of mystery and danger. This little kitty can go either way. She can be soft, gentle and playful or depending on her mood you may provoke the leopardess within. Can you handle her?.........the choice is yours! 

Next to step out onto Audace's runway was the Luscious Lyra who is wearing another mind blowing creation from Le'La Design called "Skadi" which is a combination of Bra, Garter, Panties and Collar.

"Skadi" accommodates various body shapes in the Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra and Reborn ranges and has a color HUD with a choice of 30 colors that not only can be worn in a combination of ways but also comes with both transparent and non-transparent options. Here Lyra is wearing the non transparent version in pink and black.

Again Mia Rosy has designed a mouth watering lingerie set that ensures the wearer is both seductive and confident. "Skadi" embraces your body snugly and promotes a soft womanly figure with curves in all the right places. So many perfect little details from the gems in the collar to the metal ring on the garter, every inch is stylish and intriguing and cannot fail to please. 



Making her first walk was the beautiful Martina. Hold onto your seats as she proudly exhibits this stunning lace bodysuit brought to you tonight in a sweet soft shade of pink.

This bodysuit is called "Kajsa" and is available in all the major body sizes including Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra and Hourglass. "Kajsa" has a HUD that comprises of 35 textures and she also has a hide-able option.

"Kajsa" is predominately a delicate lace bodysuit with straps that accentuate various areas of the body. The hips are emphasized  with the high leg design and also the bust with the half cup and half strap design. The floral lace is a perfect example of quality. Martina told us " Wearing this bodysuit makes me feel a goddess. It is a timeless classic that will never disappoint and radiates a stimulating vibe".

Stepping straight out of the latest fashion magazine we welcome the stunning Nazh who is wearing Le'La Design's "Sienna" This amazing three piece lingerie set comprises of Bra, Panties and optional Skirt.

"Sienna" has been designed to accommodate Maitreya, Freya and many others. Mia Rosy gives you a 42 color option HUD that you can mix and match giving countless options in which to wear this appealing lingerie set. We see Nazh wearing a subtle shade of pink.

This sweet set has a soft lace skirt that flows from the elasticated bra top with a cross over design to the neck straps. Nazh told us "I thoroughly enjoy wearing "Sienna" and never tire of trying all the new color options. She is like a new outfit every time I wear her giving me amazing value for money!  I love the way she fits me and I feel I never go unnoticed when I wear this versatile lingerie set.

Please say hello to the gorgeous Nikkie who is wearing this prominent little number called "Laga". This is a simple but stunningly effective two piece set comprising of dress and g-string.

"Laga's" HUD not only gives you a choice of colors but also gives 5 options of lace texture for each color!! She is available for Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn, Kupra and Kups and truly is the gift that keeps giving! Tonight Nikkie brought you "Laga" in her chosen color of white.

This has to be one of tonight's most tantalizing pieces of lingerie with its cute little heart shaped G-string that can also change color to match or contrast with the dress. The dress is made of a "lace texture" with strategically placed ribbons that run over the breast and shoulders. One strap has slipped seductively from the right shoulder and makes the onlooker want to reach out and.......well who knows what.


Confidently entering the runway we see the delightful ObiAi showing us how to wear this two piece lingerie set designed by Mia Rosy of Le'La Designs and WOW what an inviting little outfit she is wearing.

This latest offering is called "Pilialoha" and is made up of a lace dress and matching panties. "Pilialoha" comes to you with a massive 40 color texture HUD and each color is available in 3 different lace styles giving you 120 different ways to wear this set. She is made for Maitreya, Legacy, Ebody, Kupra and GenX.

Tonight ObiAi is wearing "Pilialoha" in her chosen option of black. This extremely feminine set is so very sexy and draws the eye. ObiAi tells us she feels like a Queen in this outfit and completely embraces the romantic, expensive feel it gives her. There is no doubt the creator of this outfit knows a lot about the female form and how to make a woman feel beautiful".


Shaza as she stepped out onto the runway wearing this daring three piece lingerie set called "Ailani" which is perfect for showing a womanly figure in the most alluring way.

"Ailani" is complete with bra, corset and panties and comes in a huge array of colors through a simple HUD.  Today Shaza shows "Ailani" in black with enticing red accents.  Again "Ailani" is made for the major bodies like Maitreya, Freya, Legacy and Classic as well as many others.

As she makes her way down the runway you cannot fail to notice the fine details of the red accents and the way the straps hug her womanly curves. This outfit is totally made for an intimate evening with that someone special. As Shaza strikes a pose, she gives a provocative smile as she turns to give us one last look at this stunning outfit.


Welcome back Aurora who brought the first of our Casual selection by the awesome Mia Rosy of De'La Designs.

This complete outfit is called "Eleu" and she is available for the usual top bodies like Maitreya and Physque as well as many others. "Eleu" is made up of a Dress, Boots, Jacket and Panties and comes in a choice of 20 colors. Tonight Aurora is proudly showing us that all time classic...... black.

 "Eleu" brings us a leather and lace combination that is extremely complimentary. The strapless lace mini dress draws attention to every part of the body whilst giving us a little taste of the high leg panties underneath. Matching cropped leather Jacket with thigh high boots, that have decorative chains running from knee to ankle are showing the world that this is a soft feminine woman that you really do not want to mess with.  


Bringing you her casual outfit of the evening we have Lyra wearing Le'La Design's "Pernilla". This leather look 3 piece complete outfit comprises of Jacket, Top and Skirt.

Mia Rosy designed "Pernilla" to accommodate all the major bodies like Maitreya and Legacy.. She gave her a HUD comprising of 30 colors that can be used on separateparts of the outfit giving a wealth of options. Tonight we see Lyra wearing a combination of black and red.

 "Pernilla" is in perfect harmony, with a skirt will draw attention to the deep laced vents at the front of the thighs while tightly hugging the hips and accentuating the body with its high waist band. The bra top has a simple ribbon effect that plunges to a V at the front and the outfit is completed with a tasteful little cropped leather jacket. Simply divine. 

Hitting the runway for the second time was Martina. Tonight she is wearing a gorgeous jumpsuit outfit in her chosen color of Wine and it is called "Sarika".

"Sarika" has everything you need in one outfit. She includes Jumpsuit, Jacket, Heels and body chain and will accommodate all the major body shapes including Kupra, Legacy and Maitreya to name but a few. As with most of Le'La Design outfits she has a wealth of color options that you can play with but also has a glitter effect that gives an additional awesome look to this amazing outfit.

This intriguing strapless jumpsuit hugs every single inch of the figure showing off Martina's delicious curves and to emphasis it even more, Mia Rosy has given it a body chain that hangs seductively around the waist and hips. For completion "Sarika" has an usual "puff ball sleeved" jacket and there is no headache finding the perfect shoes to match as Le'La has that covered too! 


Please welcome back Nazh to the runway exhibiting this exciting Shorts outfit called "Idunn". Nazh has chosen a gorgeous shade of green which is one of 30 rich textures for the top and shorts and can be either plain or patterned giving you an endless array of ways to wear this versatile outfit.

"Idunn" is available for Maitreya, Legacy and many other bodies and is the kind of outfit that blends effortlessly and can be worn for any occasion during the day or night

"Idunn" has an unusual cross over long sleeved top with a deep plunging neckline which is cropped to show a little bit of the abdomen. The matching shorts fit tightly to her pelvis and a pair of sexy thigh high boots are also given with this outfit and "Idunn" comes with a 20 color strong HUD. Nazh told us that she has been invited to an electronic music concert and will have a great time wearing this outfit. She feels comfortable yet sexy and has heads turning so she knows this is perfect outfit to wear to ensure a fun filled night. 


Returning with her casual choice of the evening, we have Nikkie who is wearing Le'La Design's "Meliore" Outfit. A modern 4 piece outfit comprising of Jacket, Dress, Panties and Boots.

This trendy little outfit is available for all the major body shapes like Maitreya and Legacy and comes with a HUD giving a choice of 25 colors. Tonight Nikkie has chosen white and pink.

Many appreciative glances will be thrown in Nikkie's direction when she wears "Meliore". The skin tight dress has a low cleavage and shoelace straps that criss cross and then tie at the back. The bolero style jacket is just the right style to show off Nikkie's soft skin. A different yet daring type of boot and matching garters also accompanies this outfit giving it a modern, playful, sexy outlook that is both exciting and fun. 

Stepping happily onto the Audace runway please welcome back Obiai who is wearing "Opulence" designed by the talented Mia Rosy. Yet another generous 4 piece outfit made up of Top, pants, shoes and belt and part of tonights casual collection.

"Opulence" is available for Maitreya, Isis, Freya, Hourglass and Legacy. This is a stunning smart yet casual outfit that is a must for every woman's wardrobe. This whole outfit has a choice of 20 colors apart from the Fur Jacket which has 30 colors to choose from in both plain and printed textures.

 Obiai has chosen pale pink and blue to demonstrate how wonderful "Opulence" is. She also tells us that Le'La Design are her favorite popular brand and this particular outfit makes her feel warm and happy. She adores the way the trousers and top tightly fit to her slender figure and the way the high heeled shoes elongate her legs and make her walk gracefully. "Opulence" certainly suits her name making Obiai feel magnificent and luxurious. 

Welcome Shaza back to the runway wearing one of Le'La design's newest creations called "Anita" which is a complete outfit made up of Top, Panties and Dress. Tonight we see Shaza wearing the fascinating color of black.

Designed to supply Maitreya and Legacy as well as many other major bodies this outfit has the WOW factor. "Anita's" top and panties have 30 colors to choose from and the dress has an outstanding 90 textures that include both plain and 2 styles of lace that are accessible in an easy to use HUD.

Shaza describes "Anita" as the sort of outfit you wear when heading out on the town for a night of partying. From the fishnet dress with the long zipper front that is left enticingly unzipped at the front, to the figure hugging bra and backless panties, you are sure to turn heads where ever you go. Pausing Shaza lingers to give us a last glimpse of this gorgeous outfit before stepping out of sight.


To launch our formal section of Le'La Design's breathtaking collection please give a warm welcome to our very own Aurora who is wearing a magnificent gown called "Eva".

This gown comes in a range of 35 different colors and tonight, Aurora has chosen to show how stunning "Eva" looks in silver. See the subtle glitter effect animation that sparkles gently as it catches the light. "Eva" is available in most sizes including Maitreya, legacy, Kupra, reborn, Freya and Hourglass.

There are no half measures with this astounding ball gown. "Eva" has delicate off the shoulder straps and a slight sweetheart neckline that highlights the skin tight bodice, which then flows from the small waist into a full princess style classic ball gown. Mia Rosy designed this dress to be outstanding, to be the center of attention and command praise which Aurora has done effortlessly. 


For her Formal walk tonight we welcome beautiful Claudia who is wearing this sleek, sensual evening gown called "Paris".

This exceptional outfit comprises of the gown, hat and gloves and is designed for most of the major bodies including Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy. "Paris" comes in a stunning range of 15 satin effect colors and Claudia is demonstrating the pale pink version for you all tonight.

 "Paris" is a mermaid style gown with high neckline to accentuate the bust, hips and the slenderness of Claudia's figure. She has bare shoulders to spotlight the long evening gloves that compliment the whole look effortlessly. To complete this very haute couture look Mia Rosy has added a fascinator and veil to give a flare of elegance. Simply tres magnific!



Wearing a flirty little formal number called "Damalis" please welcome back Lyra to the runway. This puffball cocktail dress is another firm winner by Le'La Design and tonight Lyra is wearing a color combination of Coffee and Cream.

"Damalis" has a 15 color HUD that enables you to mix and match various parts of the dress giving lots of versatility. She is designed to fit Maitreya, Legacy, and hourglass to name but a few.

"Damalis" has a rich satin look that is enhanced with a glitter effect animation. She is a strapless dress with a diamond encrusted bustier top and has a cincher that ties with laces at the back and has a diamond embellishment on the front. The short but full skirt has a hemline that curves inwards and upwards somewhat resembling a puffball which is how the name of this dress originated. 


Stepping onto the walkway with her formal choice please give a warm welcome to our beautiful Martina. Tonight she is modeling for you a stunning gown called "Tifa" in her favorite shade of pink.

 As with most of Le'La Design gowns, "Tifa"will accommodate most of the major brands including Maitreya, Physique and Legacy. This dress comes with a color HUD of 15 colors that also enables you to change the color the flowers across the bust line to either compliment or contrast with the gown.

 "Tifa" is another mermaid style gown that clutches the figure tightly. She has a simply sweet floral enhancement across the bust line and she is held together by laces at the back that gives a very feminine corset look and feel. Mia Rosy has generously given a stylish jewelry set that color coordinates and enhances "Tifa" magnificently.


Confidently stepping out for you today is Nazh. Wearing a trouser suit called "Mahina" which is something a little bit different and demonstrates another way in which to be formally attired.

This full outfit comprises of top, coat, pants and heels. All of which can be mixed and matched using a 20 color, plain and patterned HUD. "Mahina" is designed for Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra, Reborn, GenX and classic. Tonight Nazh is showing us the red and tartan combination.

Mia Rosy shows us how we can dress to be both formal yet casual.... smart yet playful in this beautifully cut trouser suit. The blazer jacket with the classic collar complements the refined top. The trousers are the perfect length to showcase the stiletto shoes that come in a matching texture. Nazh feels this outfit is fun to wear and is sure of success when she enters any prestigious event.



Please give a warm welcome back for her formal walk our gorgeous model Nikkie. Tonight Nikkie is wearing Le'La Designs "Atalie" in a startling shade of pale green.

Created for several major body types including the classic avatar this stylish evening gown comes to you with a 20 strong color HUD with rich satin effect textures and the skirt has an eye catching glitter effect that sparkles when the light hits it.

"Atalie" has a plain bustier top with simple ribbon straps that have cute little bows that sit on the shoulders. The bodice dips into a "V" at the front and then leads into a full floor length skirt that flows gracefully around Nikkie's legs and glistens as she walks. Sensational!!!



Totally owning the runway in the second formal trouser suit of the evening we are proud to introduce our beautiful ObiAi wearing "Emerald" in black and red.

Yet another successful outfit brought to you from Le'La Design where the items are a perfect example of high quality. "Emerald" is made up of top, pants, shoes and bag and is available for Maitreya, Freya, Legacy and more. She will amaze you with her 20 color HUD containing both pattern and plain textures.

ObiAi feels "Emerald" is typical of City high fashion. The long sleeved top with wide collar plunges deeply at the front to enhance the cleavage. The high waisted, flared trousers have a scarf like fabric belt. This matches the over sized casual handbag that Obiai is holding. Mia Rosy has also provided a pair of matching shoes with killer heels that completes this awesome outfit.


Finalizing the formal section tonight, we have Audace's very own style director Shaza wearing this complete outfit from Mia Rosy of Le'La designs. 


This strikingly chic outfit is called Sigrid and is designed to fit most body shapes including Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn and Kupra. Today Shaza shows us Sigrid in maroon but you can mix and match the colors via a HUD that comes with the outfit.

Also included in this ensemble is the smart handbag she carries,  the scarf necklace, and the high stilettos. The chic jacket draws the eyes downward as it parts down the front.  The belted bow ties in the front to encircle a trim waist.  The figure hugging pants fit tightly to her feminine curves.  Shaza strikes a pose to give us one last glimpse of this beautiful outfit.  Turning she saunters out of sight.


Our designer lost a dear friend and they are wearing a beautiful {Le'La} Estella Gown White, Mai Rosy made as a tribute to Palomma Cassanova

Since I was also wearing the dress as hostess, I joined Zee Zee and our models for this dance.